Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Family day at the Orange County Fair.

Going to the Orange County Fair is a summer tradition for me. I've been going every year since I was a little girl and I love it more and more each time. The food is fried, the rides are dangerous, and the carnies are missing teeth... what could be a better Summer tradition? We first took Cayden when he was only 3 weeks old and with a possible out-of-state move in our future, I knew I had to take him again this year. We had so much fun walking around and eating! I have an obsession with fair food, and photographing fair food. I can't get enough of those colorful booths! We took the boys to the petting zoo where Cayden almost got trampled by a llama (true story...) and we walked around the arts and crafts expo. The only disappointment was that every ride in the kiddie land had a 36" height requirement (which we realized after buying the tickets) so the boys couldn't go on any. Lame! But thankfully we brushed it off and had a great time!

Another thing checked off our Summer to-do list! Can you believe Fall is almost here? I can't wait!! XOXO


  1. We love the OC Fair.. but haven't been in a couple of years. Cute pics. C is such a handsome little man! Glad you all had a wonderful time.

  2. We love it too, especially the food! I tried to go to the LA fair one year and it just wasn't the same! I'm an OC girl through and through.

    Thank you, he is pretty darn adorable huh? I just wanna squeeze him! Xo