Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wedding Planning Wednesday - Wedding Registry!

Last weekend Mando and I went to go register for the wedding! Because we are planning to buy a house with my mom in the near future, I knew we didn't need much. She literally has every single gadget and appliance known to mankind. I'm talking ice cream maker, waffle maker, espresso machine, blender, food processor, bread maker. You name it, she has it (in stainless steel Kitchen-Aid no less!) and lucky me, I get to inherit it! We decided to register for just fun, wish-list items so we headed to Macy's Home to look around.

As soon as I saw the Martha Stewart baking collection, the idea of us 'not needing much' went right out the window. There were so many pretty cake platters and beverage dispensers and ruffled pillows and perfect white plates! At one point, Mando was just shaking his head and laughing at me as I was scanning everything in sight including the Kate Spade bow glasses and matching cake cutter set. It was fun until I went home and looked at everything I scanned. Yeah, might need to edit my list. It's a little ridic! But that's the fun of registering, right? To pick out all the things you could not or would not ever buy for yourself! It was a fun little wedding tradition that I'm glad we got to partake in. So many things about this wedding and engagement have been non-traditional sometimes it's nice to do those little things that everyone talks about doing. I don't think either of us really care what gifts we get, but we got to enjoy that experience together!

Tomorrow it will be 4 months until the big day! Craziness! We are over our heads with meetings and emails and planning and buying but I have some fun DIY wedding projects to share with you soon! Happy Wednesday everyone! XOXO


  1. B was in charge of the gun and scanning!
    Got home... 500 dollar knives?!? zomg! Who do you think you are? Wolfgang Puck! Ridic. But we got some awesome stuff! You need some good wine glasses and a cheese board!

  2. JohnnareneeedwardsJanuary 13, 2012 at 9:02 AM

    Hahaha! That made me LOL! Mando wanted nothing to do with the scanner! He hung out with Cayden while I let loose! We do need new wine glasses because I break them constantly. Didn't even think of a cheese board, thanks! XOXO