Thursday, June 10, 2010

I love being pregnant... Really!

So after the slight negativity in my last post, I decided to make a new post based on the top 10 things I LOVE about being pregnant. 'Cause although it isn't all rainbows and butterflies, being pregnant is truly a blessing and something that we women only get to experience a few times in our life.

I remember the morning I found out I was pregnant. It was December 8th, 2009 at about 6:30am. I had been having really weird cycles for the past few months ... I had been on birth control since I was 17 years old, but lately hadn't been taking it every day at the same time like I was supposed to. A few times I skipped pills and just wasn't being diligent about taking them correctly. In September I missed my period completely. It literally never came! I took a birth control test and it was negative so I just brushed it off as one of those weird things that happen sometimes. Then in October I skipped a period AGAIN! I took another pregnancy test and it was negative again. Now I was really starting to get worried. What if I WAS pregnant, but the tests were still coming up positive? I didn't want to keep on taking birth control pills if there was a baby inside me so I stopped. In November, I got a very light period, probably only about 2 days long (in retrospect, this must have been implantation bleeding). This was actually pretty normal for me because I my periods are normally short and light (3 or 4 days at the most) so I didn't think anything of it. Then in December I missed my period again. Around this time though, I started to feel really funny. It all started in the elevator at work. I walked inside and someone was already there with their lunch from the cafe and I think it was some kind of curry, but I immediately became nauseous. I had to get off the elevator at the next floor or I would seriously had thrown up all over the poor guy. It started happening more and more frequently where I could literally smell everyone's lunches and even things that had been cooked or eaten the day before. My boobs were incredibly sore and sensitive and I was tired ALL THE TIME. I think I knew deep down that I was in fact pregnant, but I had plans to go to Vegas the next week for my boyfriend's 31st birthday so I was REALLY hoping it wasn't true. I knew that I had to take the test before we went on a trip filled with drinking and smoking so I woke up one morning and took the test. Almost IMMEDIATELY both pink lines popped up. My boyfriend was still sleeping, but he woke up when he heard me yelling 'Oh f***!' from the bathroom. He asked was what wrong and I showed him the test and we just looked at each other in shock. The next few days passed by in a blur, but I remember us staying awake all night just talking... were we happy? Absolutely. But we were also both scared out of our minds and had no idea what we were going to do or how we were going to tell people. Eventually we let everyone know, and were pleasantly surprised at how supportive and happy everyone was. After the shock wore off, things progressed and my pregnancy became an exciting and new adventure. Now we couldn't be happier to start this new chapter in our lives and we are so excited to become a family of 3!

So here it is: My top 10 favorite moments and favorite things about being pregnant!

1) Finding out the sex. I'm not going to lie, I was realllllyyyyyyyyyyy hoping for a girl. I come from a family of ALL women (I'm not kidding!) and grew up with 2 sisters so I had no idea what I would do with a boy. I was picturing taking my daughter to get her first mani/pedi, teaching her how to bake cupcakes, planning her first sleepover... you get the idea. However, as soon as I found out that a precious baby boy was growing inside of me all that melted away and new dreams start appearing in my mind. I can't wait to be a soccer mom and drive him to practices and make the team snacks for games. I can't wait to go on camping trips and watch Mando teach him how to fish and set up a tent. I can't wait to surprise him with his first puppy for Christmas and to turn him into a total and complete mama's boy!

2) Feeling him move for the first time. I was 18 weeks and really starting to get discouraged that I hadn't felt anything yet. It seems like everyone I talked to started to feel their babies move as early as 12 weeks (I think these people are either insane or liars now... I mean really, 12 weeks? Do babies even have BONES at 12 weeks??). One night, I was sitting in class bored out of my mind when I felt it: a definite THUMP very low down in my tummy. I never felt 'flutters' or butterflies' like people describe. It was definitely a KICK feeling. After that I started feeling it all the time. Now you'll catch me staring at my tummy for 20 minutes at a time just watching the waves of movement happening below my skin. It never ceases to amaze me and I love feeling my baby grow and squirm inside me.

3) Hearing the heartbeat. I don't know why, but hearing his strong and consistent heartbeat at every appointment makes me light up with joy. Just knowing that I am growing a thriving human being inside me feels like such a miracle. The heartbeat to me is validation that I'm doing everything right and I love the rush of adrenaline I get whenever I hear the rapid thump thump sound coming from deep inside me.

4) Watching my boyfriend's facial expressions whenever he sees or feels the baby moving. I can't even explain how much being pregnant has brought us closer together. Sure, he drives me crazy 98% of the time, but the other 2% are filled with bubbling joy and a feeling of togetherness that I will never forget. I love to stare at him while he's staring at my belly and see the instant look of surprise and happiness when he sees or feels something. I think it's still so crazy to him that his son is really inside there and I know he can't WAIT to meet him!

5) Planning/decorating the nursery. I mean c'mon, I'm an interior decorator and party planner if I'm anything and there's nothing that brings me more joy than picking out sailboats to put on the wall and buying coordinating crib sheets for his nautical themed nursery. I can't wait until after the baby shower when I can really start putting everything together and set up all his little belongings! Believe me, there will be pictures!

6) Picking out the name. I'm not gonna lie, this was incredibly frustrating to me at first. Like you all know, I am a PLANNER! I cannot rest until every detail is sorted out in my head, wrapped in paper, and tied with a bow! The second we found out we were expected a little boy I hounded on my boyfriend to start thinking of names. It was even harder for us I think, because he is Mexican and I am white and we had to find something that was racially ambiguous. He initially wanted the baby to be named after him (as did his mother) but I vetoed that idea right away. I've never been a fan of the father/son matching name thing, and I wanted something a lot more original. After weeks and weeks of discussion, arguing, and even tears (on my end) we finally came up with a name that we both liked and was original enough for me. Cayden Corona. I love it more and more each day. It means 'fighter' and if this baby is anything like his mama, he will definitely be a fighter (mentally of course, not so much physically)! Because the name was my idea and I had to do a little convincing to get my boyfriend on board (and yes, his mother still hates it) I agreed to let him pick the middle name. I'm pretty sure he's sticking with Gabriel, but we'll see!

7) Eating whatever I want. Okay, okay, so I pretty much did this before I was pregnant, but now I REALLY don't care and I'm enjoying it while I can! I probably should focus more on healthy choices, but cinnamon toast crunch and cupcakes are just so much easier....

8) Getting to take time off work. I'm at the 'every 2 weeks' stage for appointments now, and I love having a valid reason to leave work a few hours early. Plus, if I'm feeling especially tired or sick I have no trouble staying home that day or leaving work early to rest and my boss accepts it all without a word. I can't WAIT for 2 months of maternity leave... not only will I get to spend time snuggling with my baby, but I get to be OUTSIDE... during the DAY! Something that I usually only experience twice a week.

9) Getting to lay on the couch with the air conditioner turned on watching 'Say yes to the dress' while my boyfriend brings me ice cream. Enough said.

10) Last but not least, DAYDREAMING! This may sound weird, but I love just zoning out and picturing how much our lives are going to change and imagine all the fun things we get to do once he gets here! I am always coming up with family traditions I want to start and vacations I want to take. I pretty much have all the holidays planned out from his first Christmas tree to what I want to put in his Easter basket. I like thinking of how Mando will volunteer to be his coach and I will be the team mom embarrassing him with my homemade signs and t-shirts. I can't wait to help him with his school projects and plan his birthday parties. Basically, I just can't wait to be a mom!

So there you have it! I promise, I don't ALWAYS focus on the negatives. I feel pretty damn lucky to experience pregnancy and I would gladly take all the stretch marks in the world to have this amazing feeling of growing a baby inside me! I can't wait to meet my little boy and hold him in my arms for the first time. Life changing!

Mando building the crib

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