Thursday, September 9, 2010

(I want to be a) Budget Friendly Mommy

I'll admit it... I have a spending problem. When I'm shopping I rarely look at price tags *hides in shame*. I've never made a budget in my life and I definitely don't balance my checkbook which has resulted in more than one over-draft fee and returned check. This is obviously a really bad thing. Now with the added cost of childcare (HOLY RIDICULOUSNESS!), our over-priced apartment, and a higher payment for my new car, I'm really trying to be more budget friendly. I have recently started clipping coupons, shopping on clearance, buying in bulk, and trying to curb my shopping addiction. It's become a bit of an obsession lately... I refuse to buy anything unless I have a coupon for it and it's like a game now to see how much money I can save after each shopping trip. I'm always keeping my eyes peeled for a big sale or a deal.

With that being said, I obviously still need a lot of help. So tell me my smart and savvy shoppers, how do you save money? I want all your tips and tricks on how to make a monthly budget, how to get the most bang for your buck, where to get the best coupons and deals, and any other useful information you may have for this desperate mama! And I promise I'll update you all on my money-saving progress!


Miss Desperation


  1. I put together our budget through Excel. I have a column of our expenses (which I always overbudget) and a column for our revenue. Then I make sure to balance our checkbook a couple times a week and if I'm really diligent, I take out the cash I need for our budget and use cash as much as possible. The best place for us to save money is food, so I'm sure to meal plan as much as possible too. It takes a lot of patience and diligence and usually takes us a few months to get on track. You can totally do it! :) Let me know if you need any help.

  2. I'm also a shopper at heart- but to be fair, I consider it a hobby... a talent :). I'm VERY good at spending money!!

    I shpo clearance too, but now rather than focusing on what im spending, or buying, I focus on what I'm bringing into my house. So I ask myself "will this add value to my life? how? And what thing will it replace? (because i have NO space left, each item that comes in must knock out one or two.)

  3. I do the Excel sheet too :)

    Have you checked out The Grocery Game, or something like it? It basically teaches you how to coupon shop, but do it on steroids. Put aside all your assumptions of using coupons, and give it a try! You can do a free trial at for 4 weeks (canceling is easy if you don't want to stick with it, you don't even have to talk to anybody to cancel! I had to cancel when we moved last) I've saved so much money, its almost ridiculous. Some folks walk out of the store with a cartful of groceries for under $10. They even have a message board you can use for free, where members list seriously hot deals for all stores, not just grocery ones. Its so worth a shot!