Friday, September 10, 2010

Recipe swap and a personal challenge...

While I was on Twitter the other day, a group of awesome women had the idea to do a recipe swap and of course I immediately invited myself to join in! I feel like lately I've been cooking the same 5 meals over and over and I'm ALWAYS looking for new things to make. This can be a challenge at times because I have the pickiest eater EVER living with me. Mando eats everything plain and the list of things he won't eat is a mile long. So you can imagine I was thrilled to be getting ideas from other women on new, tasty meals.

And now that fall is approaching (HALLELUJAH!) I can finally start making the things that I love without melting from a hot oven. Now is the time for hot soups, sweet baked goods, and comfort foods and I couldn't be more excited. I become even more of a homebody in the fall/winter and I find myself cooking all the time! So I decided to challenge myself... I'm going find all new recipes, make a meal plan, go grocery shopping, and for the next week I'm only going to make things that I've NEVER made before (SEE?! Making a meal plan and eating at home... I'm already getting better at saving money!). Hopefully this will inspire me and get me out of my same-5-meals funk. Each day that I cook something new I'll post the recipe here and hopefully inspire my lovely readers too!

If anyone else wants to participate in my challenge let me know and we can do it together! And if you have any to-die-for recipes I'd love to have them! I'm slowly but surely putting together a big recipe book and hopefully I can pass it on to my own kids someday like my mom is doing for me.

Happy cooking everyone!

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