Monday, March 28, 2011

I have messy writing.

My handwriting has been compared to hieroglyphics and too many times have I heard the 'you should have been a doctor' joke when people see what it looks like. Lindsey at Otto's Mom Blogs recently posted a handwriting meme and then tagged me and because I think it's funny and interesting to see your favorite blogger's handwriting I took on the challenge! The results? Even worse than I expected. I decided I'm just gonna blame the bad pictures and poorly chosen paper color. (Apparently we are supposed to use a scanner, but as Alana wisely put it 'I'm not an Office Max, yo'! I mean, do people really have scanners? I don't even have a printer!)

I told you it was bad... I warned you! If I tagged you, you better post yours so I don't feel like such an ass. I can't be the only one with horrible handwriting!


1 comment:

  1. Not an ass! Because that would make me an ass-by-association and I refuse! It seems like the questions could have been better right? But Van Morrison, awesome <3 And you tagged some rad ladies! xoxoxo