Friday, November 19, 2010

Winner winner chicken dinner!

First, thanks to everyone for your suggestions on my DIY Christmas! The winner has been chosen! (drumroll please)

"I think the album and blocks are way cute.. How fun =)"

Congratulations Francine! Leave your email in the comments and I'll email you with a few choices of handmade prizes! :)

I followed Francine's suggestions and decided to make the albums and blocks. The albums will only be going to 2 special people though; the blocks will go to everyone. I've also decided to do the baked goods idea!

I actually ended up getting lucky on the price of materials for the photo blocks. I was searching around online for a place to buy 20 plain wooden cubes (2 for each of the 10 people) and I didn't see anything under $50. Since I didn't have that kind of budget I decided to try Home Depot and see what I could come up with myself. Well, I was in luck! I ended up getting an 8x8 piece of wood for $7 and a member of their friendly staff cut it down into 30 cubes for me (for free)! I also bought some wood stain and sandpaper to smooth out the sides and make it the perfect shade. I think I ended up spending $18 total. Score! Now all I need are pictures printed out, some scrapbook paper for the sides, and vinyl lettering or a stamp for the message. I'm still trying to decide between 'Joy', 'Peace', or just '2010'.

As for the chipboard album, I went to the scrapbook store Tall Mouse and got large pieces of chipboard for $.49 each. 1 piece of chipboard will make 2 pages so I only needed to get 6. It ended up costing less than $4! I need scrapbook paper for this too, so I'm going to get one of the bulk packs of paper in a Christmas theme. Hopefully I'll find some on sale on Black Friday!

I want to get baskets to put everything in also on Black Friday (you'd be suprised how much 10 baskets can cost) and find a cute container for the baked goods. Suggestions welcome!

And lucky for you I'm going to document my progress on these crafts so you all can watch! Here's to hoping I don't cut a finger off or anything...

First step is sanding 30 wooden cubes! To be continued...


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