Monday, December 27, 2010

First Christmas.

How was everyone's Christmas? Are you sad it's all over? I know I am! We were celebrating Cayden's FIRST Christmas over here and it was wonderful! Christmas morning we waited for Cayden to wake up and then spent the morning opening a few presents at home, just the 3 of us. Then we headed on over to Mando's parent's house and opened more presents with them. We finished off the day at my mom's house opening even MORE presents and eating a delicious Christmas dinner. It was perfect. Cayden did great and was even able to rip the wrapping paper off a few gifts (even if he did try to eat it afterward)! Everyone loved my photo blocks and baked goods (I'll post about this later) and I think I've gained about 5 lbs from eating so many sweets!

Yesterday we took all of the Christmas stuff down, including the tree. Normally we leave it up until after the New Year but it seems Cayden's new toys have taken over our tiny little home and I was feeling a bit claustrophobic. It feels good to have my house back!

I'm still not quite sure what we'll be doing for the New Year. I kind of want to stay home with the baby and spend it with him, but I know Mando is itching to go out. We haven't gone out alone as a couple since before Cayden was born. I think I still need more time, but we'll see! I can't believe my baby boy is 5 months already! Next month we'll be feeding him solids! I am excited, but a little sad as well. He's growing so fast!

Now that the holidays are over I won't be so busy hopefully. I'm taking this time to start fresh, and plan for the future. We'll be moving in 2 months and I still need to find a new place! I'm also plotting ways to bring in some extra income now that I'm a stay at home mom. I'm excited to see what the future will bring!

Christmas Eve.

Waking up Christmas morning.

He's up!

For me?

Opening presents all on his own!

What could it be?

The best present a girl could ask for!

This one was bigger than he was!

Turns out, he loves his bouncer!

Merry Christmas Cayden!

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