Monday, May 23, 2011

Daily goals

When I first started considering the idea of me as a stay at home mom I'll admit, I was scared. Having worked full time since I was 17 years old, I am not used to being home day after day. One of the toughest challenges for me at the beginning was balance. I'd spend all day cleaning the house and cooking the meals and end up neglecting Cayden. Or I'll spend all day playing with Cayden and the dishes would pile up and dinner would be late. Then, I launched Mama Matryoshka and I had no idea it would take off like it did. I was so busy with my orders my blog was abandoned and I didn't have time to do my personal crafting anymore. Finally I came up with a plan that's ridiculously simple but incredibly helpful. Every morning when I wake up I write my goals for the day. I divide them in 3 categories: home, creative, and Cayden. By choosing a few tasks to do each day from each category I'm able to keep up with my cleaning, satisfy my creative appetite, and be a good mama to Cayden. It honestly makes everything really manageable and I rarely feel overwhelmed anymore. I also feel more accomplished every time I check something off my list which is a GREAT feeling! Because most of my readers and friends are also stay at home moms I thought I'd share this method and how it works for me! I'm sure each of you seasoned mamas have your own methods already, but here's a peak of how I manage!

Now I can check blogging off my list and begin the rest of my day! And if you have a tried and true system to staying organized and balanced I'd love to hear it!


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