Thursday, May 5, 2011

A day in the life

I thought it would be fun to show everyone what a typical day in my life is like. I've seen other bloggers do this in the past, and I always think it's interesting to see what the average day looks like so I decided to join in the fun! It also gave me a chance to play with my camera and really use it all day long which is something I've been slacking on. So here is my day (yesterday, May 4th) and believe me when I say it's a typical day around here! I didn't even leave the house which is sadly normal!

I wake up to this picture like I do every morning. Cayden loves to stand in his crib and bounce up and down until I finally get out of bed. He wakes up so happy it always makes me smile.

After we got up we started getting ready for the day. We brushed our teeth and made the beds like we do every morning!

After we were up we got ready for breakfast. On the menu this morning: apple sauce, multi-grain cheerios, and sliced bananas. Mama ate a banana too!

Once Cayden was cleaned up it was time to get dressed. It's been in the 90's all week so it was definitely a shorts day.

On Wednesdays I baby-sit a 16 month old boy named Carter for a few hours. Him and Cayden are pals and love to play together. They ran around destroying the house while I cleaned up the kitchen.

After play time it was time for the boys to take a nap. I gave Cayden his bottle and put them both to sleep. Luckily they're both pretty good nappers so it went smoothly. Once they were asleep it was time for this mama to relax! I finally got a chance to catch up on some blogs and of course Pinning!

When the boys woke up for their nap it was lunch time! I've been trying to let Cayden learn to feed himself even though the mess gives me major OCD and anxiety. At least I have this cute face to look at though!

After lunch Carter got picked up and Cayden got changed into something cool and clean. We decided to read some books in bed which is Cayden's favorite thing to do. He's obsessed with touch-and-feel books!

Once we were done it was time to prep for dinner. On the menu: Spaghetti with meatballs and garlic bread. YUM! Since Mando was working late that night I didn't have him to help me watch Cayden while I cook so I gave him some spoons, bowls, and spatulas and let him go to town!

Finally Mando came home and took Cayden out to the balcony. He loves to look at the cars coming in and out and him and daddy do this every evening together as their 'special time'.

Mando decided to take Cayden for a walk after dinner so I could get some alone time to design some new items for Mama Matryoshka. I appreciate him so much times at times like that because he understands I need a break after being surrounded by babies all day! I finally got the chance to make this card which was inspired by a Martha Stewart card I saw on Pinterest. I absolutely love how it turned out.

When the boys came back home it was time for my little man to take a bath! He is obsessed with bath time and would play in there for hours and hours if we let him.

After bath time we dried him, dressed him, and got him ready for bed! This is my favorite part of the day because we all snuggle in bed while daddy gives Cayden a bottle. Then we gave him kisses and put him in his crib for the night. Thankfully he was tired and went to sleep right away!

Finally, around 8:30 we got some time to ourselves. I was so ready to curl up on my couch and watch some trashy reality TV. We stayed up for a few hours watching Real World and Top Model and talking for awhile and then hit the hay to do it all over tomorrow!

And that's how my day went! This was a fun little project and maybe I'll do it again in the future (hopefully on a more exciting day)! If anyone else decides to so this make sure to let me know... I'd love to see what your average day looks like too!


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