Friday, May 6, 2011

Friday Favorites: Yellow & Gray

We all know I'm crazy about red and aqua, but I've had my eye on a new color combination as of late, and it's quickly becoming a new favorite. I've seen yellow and gray together a lot this Spring and I have to admit that I'm falling in love. I think the contrast of the two is what makes it work... Bright sunny days mixed with cloudy gray skies? It looks so chic to me.

I'll admit, since my Pinterest discovery I have been neglecting my first love, Etsy. So I dedicated my time last night to getting reacquainted. As soon as I chose this theme for Friday Favorites I got so inspired and literally couldn't stop finding amazing things which leads me to believe this is truly a match made in heaven.

I almost can't even talk about this clutch wallet without feeling physical pain, that's how badly I want it. Neutral with a pop of color is so my style. I'm wondering if it's too late to convince Mando to get me this for Mother's day...

This one I couldn't resist and I'm actually buying today. I love, love, LOVE fabric flowers and I'm kind of obsessed with this necklace.

I love me some stripes and this note card set is so perfect with it's mustard yellow envelope. Doesn't the quality just look amazing? LOVE.

I used to be happy with my polka dot and damask camera strap until I saw this beauty last night and now my heart is broken. Love the ruffles and the flowers, and and and.... I WANT IT.

I've seen so many yellow and gray nurseries lately and I think they are lovely. This print would be so sweet hanging on the wall, don't you think?

You may have noticed a pattern by now. Yes, I'm obsessed with ruffles. Actually, I like any sweet, feminine accent whether it be ruffle, bows, or polka dots. I love it all. The butter yellow color of this clutch is just the icing on the cake!

Another spring trend I'm seeing are chevron stripes and I'll admit, they've grown on me. I love the simplicity of this light gray throw pillow, and I think it would add just the right amount of interest in your space.

I seriously contemplated yellow and gray as my future wedding colors when I saw these invites. I love her original, water color artwork. I think they are so lovely!

I could have gone on forever, but I didn't want to lose my readers so I ended it there! Have a great weekend, and I want to give some extra special lovin' to all the mamas out there... Happy Mothers Day!


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