Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday Favorites: Best iPad Apps for toddlers!

Thank you Alana from Life on the Mom List for guest posting for me while we get unpacked! XOXO

In keeping with Johnna’s Friday Favorites, I thought I would write a post about my toddler’s Favorite iPad Apps! Everyone these days has an iPhone or iPad so I thought this might be a beneficial post to some who are looking for some new apps for their kids.

It’s no secret I have a love affair with my iPad. OBSESSION!! It’s an amazing little piece of technology that I take with me everywhere. It’s my calendar, my address book, and my computer all in one. But it’s also my kid’s choice of toy whenever he sees it out! I have to spell out I-P-A-D to my husband when we are out or this kid goes ballistic! He is obsessed but for good reason.

A few months ago when I got my I-P-A-D…. ummm….iPad, we were going on a trip, just my little guy and me. On a plane to Texas for FIVE HOURS! Imagine a 16 month old (at the time) on a plane for that long. It is torturous! I witnessed it first hand when D was younger and we were flying and I thought the mother of the fit throwing toddler was going to jump out of the plane! Seeing as how I value my life and would like to stick around awhile, I decided I needed to curb this tantrum throwing flight that I might encounter and what better way to do it then with the Ipad!

We’re weird in this house about movies and TV, as in D doesn’t watch much at all. That is our parenting philosophy and works for us. I am not judging! I swear! Everyone does things differently. I don’t have an iPhone so I am not in the know about all these amazing apps, so I did a little research, searching, etc and found a ton! Immediately, the paypal was put to use and we downloaded a ton! We were set for the flight!

Instantly I fell in love with Peekaboo Barn. It’s a super cute, interactive game that helps kids learn their animals and sounds. D loves this game so much and gets really upset when the animals go to sleep at the end! We’re talking MAD! You would think he would get it after playing it a million times over!

The next game he loves is Zoo Train. He, like most toddler boys, is obsessed with trains so this game is perfect. It has various games to play within the app but most are a bit too over his head so we stick with the “build your own train” game. It is cute, has fun music, and is full of animals, and makes the train sound, which is always a hit! Plus he can grow with this app. The harder games he will be able to play, as he gets older.

Also an obsession in this house is Fire Trucks and all things fire related. KidsFireman is a fun app that teaches kids to dial 911, become a firefighter, drive a truck, and put out a fire. Super fun and super entertaining! Huge hit in this house!

Last on the must have app list for us is Interactive Alphabet. This is by far my favorite app! Lots of fun sounds, colors and pronunciation of the letter, this app makes learning the alphabet fun. The F for fan is fun because you can switch the fan on and off. Therefore you learn the letter, a word that starts with the letter, as well as on and off. See, I told you it was fun!

So there you have it, my favorite iPad apps for toddlers. There are so many out there. Honestly, you can spend a ton of time searching for stuff. And a lot of them are free and compatible with the iPhone, as well!

Neither Apple nor Steve Jobs paid me for this review. This is only for Johnna’s blog! I spent my husband’s hard earned money for these apps and the saving of my sanity on a plane!


  1. Great post, Alana! I'll have to remember these once we get an iPad. One day. haha! Those are great ideas to help the kids learn, especially in a house (like ours) where the kids watch very, very limited tv!

  2. Thank you, Alyson! So glad I could help our Johnna and my sanity! xo

  3. Thank you!!!

  4. Thanks for these recommends. My little lady is always wanting to play on my iPad!