Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday Favorites: My favorite pins for children!

One of the things I love about Pinterest is all of the amazing ideas I get for Cayden. You can find anything from toys and adorable outfits to learning and art activities! I am constantly finding new fun things for him to do which is helpful for weeks like this week when he's been especially restless. Of course I also stash away pins for any baby girls that may be in my future someday (I can't resist the shoes!). Here are a few of my favorite pins that have anything to do with babies and children!

I've been really into teepees lately. I'm always building forts and play-houses for Cayden out of anything I can get my hands on... boxes, sheets, chairs, and pillows; the possibilities are endless! Anything that encourages imagination and pretend play is a plus in my book. I'd love to get him something like this black and white striped teepee when he finally has a big boy room of his own! He could use it as a clubhouse or reading nook or just to play explorer with his friends!

When I was a little girl I was obsessed with dress-up dolls. I (like every other girl in the world) begged my mom to get me an American Girl doll complete with a stocked wardrobe. I would have D-I-E-D for this doll, no joke! Her little fur jacket, patent leather shoes, and polka dress... omg. I would play with it even today. And that little hanger and tiffany blue box? I can't even handle the cute.

Creativity is super important to me. Growing up, my sister and I were always doing arts and crafts and making SOMETHING. I really want my kids to be the same way so I want to encourage artwork from a very young age. Right now Cayden is still in that puts-everything-in-his-mouth stage so it's hard to do much, but I'm stashing away tons of ideas for the future. I love this idea of using twine and clothespins to display artwork on the wall (easy to rotate, too!). And how adorable is this turkey hand puppet? All you need is a brown bag, some buttons, and construction paper and you have a fun holiday project for your kids! LOVE.

I just bought Cayden his first set of finger puppets and I'm really excited about it! When he's older I want to get him a little theatre for plays and puppet shows. If you haven't checked out this Etsy shop, you need to do so immediately. She makes adorable felt finger puppets of all different types. This woodland set is my favorite... dying over that moose!!

I am so, so excited about this idea. Fill jumbo muffin tins with shaving cream and a few drops of food coloring and your kid is able to "paint" a masterpiece in the bathtub. The best part? When they're finished you just spray it with water and clean-up is done! No stained clothes, dripping paper, or messy brushes. Genius!

Remember when you were a kid and you were SO excited when you got a loose tooth? My sisters always joked they were going to tie a string to my tooth and the door so when they slammed it, my tooth would be yanked out (terrifying!). I love the idea of having a special tooth fairy pillow and this one is just too cute for words. I love the smiling tooth on the front and the little pouch. No more stumbling around the dark trying to find baby teeth under pillows!

I warned you about the shoes, right? I am obsessed with kid's shoes and let's face it, they aren't that many adorable options for boys out there (although my little man rocks the slip-on Vans if I do say so myself). I have so many baby girl shoes pinned you would think I'm expecting (I'm not -- let's just be clear on that!). I found this sweet little pair the other day and fell in love. I die for anything with stripes so these striped shoes with their teeny tiny flowers attached found a place deep in my heart! Now I just need to convince Mando to have another baby! ;)

I hope you got some inspiration for the little ones in your life! If you haven't joined Pinterest yet, you better run there now and sign up! The inspiration is just endless! I hope everyone has a great weekend... we finally have the first quiet weekend at home planned since we've moved and I could not be more excited about it! XOXO


  1. OMG, right?! To DIE FOR!!

  2. I love those shoes too!!! I maybe getting them for my girls, too hard to resist. :)

  3. I want those shoes! IN MY SIZE!
    Also loving the teepee. It's on our Christmas wish list!