Thursday, September 15, 2011

Road Trip Day 4: The Redwood Forest

Even after arriving at our hotel at 2am, we were still up early the next morning so we could see as much of the Redwoods as possible. I think all of us were looking forward to this part of the trip to most (other than Portland of course). I've always wanted to see the Redwoods and I knew it was going to be beautiful. We ate breakfast quickly and were on our way. Our first stop was the Founder's Grove where the largest redwood tree once stood, weighing over a million pounds. When the tree eventually fell back in the 90's, it was so loud the whole town thought two trains crashed together. The tree is on the ground now and goes for miles, but you can see how huge the roots are. Being in that forest just makes you feel so small and insignificant, but in a good way. Even though there were a lot of people walking around near us, it's totally silent there because everyone is just in awe of how big the trees actually are. Near the forest is a place with a huge tree that I believe was struck by lighting resulting in a wide crack in the trunk large enough to drive through!

After spending some time exploring the forest, we drove to a little town nearby called Ferndale for lunch. There was one main street with the theatre, grocery store, butcher, and general store; it seemed like it came out of an old movie. Driving through the town we saw huge herds of elk just chillin' on the side of the road. It was insane.

The view from our hotel in Humboldt

The drive-through tree

The gorgeous redwood forest. I was obsessed with catching sun beams through the trees

Cayden loved the forest. He had so much fun exploring and climbing everything

You just can't even comprehend how tall these trees were. This was as far as the zoom on my lens would go!

Me and my honey resting

The roots on a fallen tree

More sunbeams

The Goliath tree. This was just the circumference of the trunk + the roots. The trunk went on for miles!

The road that runs through the forest

Tired boy napping after a long day of exploring

Herds of wild elk on the side of the road
Ferndale must be the smallest town in California!

After lunch we were finally on our way to our last stop, Portland, where we would stay for the next 3 days. I'll be back tomorrow with pictures of that magical city! XOXO

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