Monday, April 25, 2011

My little bunny celebrated his first Easter, 9 monthday, and took his first step!

How did every one's Easter go? We had a nice, low key day which was perfect for Cayden's first Easter. I've had his Easter basket done for over a month and I was SO excited to give it to him! I meant to incorporate a lot of handmade items in his basket, but I realized I failed completely once I was finished. Also? Easter baskets are SMALL, yo! Half the stuff I got for him didn't fit inside! It ended up being small and simple which, in retrospect, was a lot better.

Baby's first basket: V-Tech Peekaboo bunny, sippy cup, board book, bubble machine for the bathtub, and a chocolate bunny of course! Not pictured: 2 more Easter books, a hand-made plush from Uff Da!, 2 hand-me-down Winnie the Pooh DVD's from my sister, and bunny ears.

The morning of Easter dawned cold and rainy, so after we arrived at my mama's house we did a last minute indoor egg hunt. The boys were so cute running around the family room and of course had no interest in finding eggs whatsoever. After a few minutes though, they started to get it and carefully selected some eggs for their baskets!

After the egg hunt, we hung out and chatted and then had a delicious meal cooked by my mama. It was the perfect family Easter. Also, Cayden took his first step! He just started standing on his own for a few seconds earlier this week and today the little daredevil took one step towards daddy and promptly fell down. On his 9 monthday too! This mama couldn't be prouder!

How was your Easter? Don't you just love seeing the little ones dressed sharp in their Easter outfits? I think that's my favorite part. I hope you got all the Easter candy your heart desired!

I'm in the process of adding some new items on Mama Matryoshka right now. I have a busy week ahead of me, and lots of blog posts coming! Happy Monday every one!


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