Monday, July 11, 2011

A very much needed date night...

Last week was hard. I've been so stressed out lately that I started feeling sorry for myself. I became one sad mess moping around the house with very little patience. It was taking a toll on Mando and I's relationship so I decided that we needed a date night. I wanted to keep it a surprise so I didn't tell Mando where we were going; I just packed a bag Friday night with a change of clothes and a blanket and when he arrived home all three of us were on our way.

Because it's already the middle of July and we still hadn't been to the beach I wanted to go to Ruby's on the Huntington Beach pier. I kept Mando guessing the entire way there although he did guess the beach (but I'm sneaky and said no, hehe!) and it was so nice to see his happy face when we arrived! The weather was gorgeous outside but there was enough wind to keep it from being too hot. There was a small wait when we got there so we let Cayden run around the pier as we waited for a table. When we got inside, we got a table with an ocean view and stuffed ourselves with cheeseburgers and milkshakes. It was the perfect family date night and we all felt so refreshed afterwards. Sometimes it's easy to forget that we are newly engaged because we are so busy as a family, but I think it's important to celebrate that fact every now and then.

The rest of the weekend was spent swimming and planting flowers at my mama's house, shopping for Cayden's birthday party (2 more weeks, eeeeek!), and getting all 3 of us hair cuts. Cayden did so good and looks so grown up now! I'll be back later this week for Wedding Planning Wednesday to share more fun wedding inspiration with you all! XOXO

My little wild baby has been tamed and looks all grown up now! *tear*  (Please excuse the iPhone After picture)


  1. Good for you, for realizing that you all needed a break and planning a fun date! We LOVE Ruby's especially when it's on a pier. How fun.
    Cayden looks so handsome. He's a little man now.

  2. DomesticatedDelightJuly 12, 2011 at 9:16 AM

    Yes, it was def needed! I'm glad we did it. Ruby's was SO yummy! :)