Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday Favorites: Happy Birthday Cayden

This Sunday, July 24th, at 12:47pm my precious baby boy will turn 1 year old. This past year has been the most overwhelming, life-changing, rewarding, and happiest year of my life. Having a child made me dig deep into my soul and re-evaluate everything about who I am and who I want to be. They say the first year of parenthood is the hardest to survive and while I agree with that statement, I must add that it is also the most rewarding. The fact that I created this baby, grew and nurtured him in my body, and gave birth to him is a miracle in itself. Cayden is truly my perfect match, he's everything I wanted and needed in a child and more. He teaches me important life lessons every day and this weekend we will be celebrating him. I want to dedicate Friday Favorites this week to my son, sweet baby Cayden, and my top 10 favorite things about him.

1. I love how you have no concept of personal space. Sometimes I think you would crawl back inside me if you could. You are constantly touching me, holding my hand, pulling my hair, and climbing all over me and you refuse to go to sleep without being snuggled first. Although it drives me crazy at times, I love and adore how cuddly you are and I treasure each and every touch and embrace. Being near you just calms me and I'm so glad you feel the same way about me.

2. Cayden, you are such a happy baby. Whenever we go on play dates or when people meet you for the first time they just marvel at how well behaved and happy you are. I think you get this from your father who always has a positive attitude. I still remember the first time I ever heard you laugh. We had just gone to the doctor's and you had to get some shots so I called out of work to stay home and snuggle you. We were laying on the couch and I flipped you upside down and for the first time I heard you crack up. I was so happy I was with you that day and got to experience that with you. I'll never forget that moment. Even when you're sick or teething you still have a smile on your face and I hope you never lose that happiness. Seeing you smile makes me the happiest mama in the world and your laugh is music to my ears. 

3. I love watching you sleep, baby boy. When you close your eyes you look just like my newborn baby again. Sometimes if I'm feeling sad or upset I will just watch how peaceful you are while sleeping and it calms me. When you wake up you have the brightest eyes and the rosiest cheeks. You are so sweet and snuggly, my love. Daddy and I used to love watching you wake up and seeing your 'stretchy face' and we would race to be the first one who got to pick you up. I'll never forget the morning you woke me up by softly kissing me on the lips. It's my sweetest memory of you.

4. I cannot stop obsessing over your little baby feet. I have taken hundreds of pictures of your little toes. You have the cutest toes ever, Cayden, and when you were a newborn you used to curl them around my fingers every time I would touch your feet. I love that you still do that. I love how you laugh and laugh when Daddy plays 'stinky feet' with you. One day you'll be a teenager with real stinky feet, but for now I will enjoy playing 'this little piggy' with your teeny tiny feets.

5. Baby, I never get tired of hearing how alike you and I are. People have said you look like my clone since the day you were born. We both like vegetables more than fruit, we are both stubborn and determined, and at times, we both drive Daddy crazy! I love looking into your face and seeing my face staring back. I love seeing my mom in certain facial expressions of yours. I remember when I was pregnant I told everybody you would look just like Daddy, but I was wrong. I see so much of myself in you and it never ceases to amaze me.

6. You have the most beautiful, big, brown eyes, baby. I get mad when people say it's a shame you didn't get my blue color. You and Daddy share eyes the color of melted chocolate and I never get tired of looking into them. Every where we go people comment on how pretty they are. When you are older, every girl will envy your thick black lashes and swoon over your beautiful eyes, I'm sure of it.

7. Cayden, I know I complain about it a lot, but I secretly love how attached you are to me. You definitely love your daddy, but you are a mama's boy through and through. When you're upset I'm the only one who can calm you and when you can't sleep I just have to hold you and breath into your neck to make you fall into a deep sleep. When we're apart, I feel like my soul has been ripped in two and I cry every time I'm away from you. You rarely let anyone else hold you and while it might make your grandma mad, I love it. One day you won't want me to be around as much, and that's okay, but until then, I will treasure every day like it's a precious gift.

8. Every day I am amazed at how smart you are. You hit each and every milestone a month, if not more, early. I couldn't believe when you start sitting on your own, standing on your own, talking, and now walking. People are amazed at your strength and determination. I try to never compare you to other baby boys and girls but I want you to know how proud I am of you. I know no greater joy than seeing you succeed at something you've put your mind to. I am so, so lucky to call you my son, sweet boy.

9. I know I talk a lot about the bond you and I have Cayden, but the relationship you and Daddy have is something so special. Without truly understanding the concept of time you still know when it's 5 o'clock and you stand by the door saying 'dada' over and over. Your face lights up when that door opens and it's just amazing to see. He truly is your hero, and I know you're going to want to be just like him when you grow up. I couldn't ask for a better role model for you; your Daddy loves you so much. One day you will understand how hard he works for us and how many sacrifices he has made and your love for him will fill your heart.

10. Cayden, you make me a better person. It's as simple as that. My past is not perfect and I will make mistakes in the future, but thank you for keeping me grounded and for reminding me every day how lucky I am. Every move I make, I make for you and for our family. I hope that we always stay this close and that you will feel comfortable talking to me about everything. You have made Daddy and I so much closer, stronger, and happier. I can never thank you enough for that. Thank you for being you and for bringing our family so much happiness.

"The days are long, but the years are short." -Gretchen Rubin. A truer statement cannot be made. Happy birthday, Cayden. Love, your mama. XOXO


  1. beautiful, beautiful post! what a great treasure to have for him when he's older! xo

  2. I love him! Happy Birthday Cayden! xoxo

  3. So, so sweet! He's lucky to have such an awesome mama too. He is so precious and I hope he has a wonderful birthday!!

  4. Awwwww. This post made me so teary eyed! You are such a great mama Johnna. :*) And Happy Belated Birthday to Cayden, can't wait to see his smiley face!