Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday Favorites: Let's get organized

We're moving! Mando, Cayden and I have been spending our evenings and weekends looking for a new home. Our lease is up at the end of February which means we need to find a place by the end of next week in order to give notice on time! We've been trying to get into a particular neighborhood for the past 2 years and unfortunately we haven't had any luck so far. (It's next to a big, very busy university so all the small houses and apartments get snatched up quickly!) If all else fails we'll end up moving into a bigger, downstairs apartment in the same complex we're in now. Which is fine; I love where we live! It's a peaceful, quiet, very safe neighborhood. I just hate being so far away from my family!

With that being said, you can imagine how busy I've been getting the house ready. Boxes need to be packed and I need to get organized! Luckily, I'm naturally a very organized person, but since Cayden was born I've let things go a little bit and clutter has started to accumulate. Therefore, I've dedicated Friday Favorites to all the creative storage and organization solutions Etsy has to offer!

I absolutely adore this distressed wall mail key organizer. Mando and I have bills, letters, and keys thrown over the kitchen counter and this is a genius solution to tidy things up.

My mom has recently started giving me all her magazines when she's through when them. That means I have a towering stack of about 100 magazines in my apartment. Trust me when I say that I need this magazine holder!

Let me just get it out... I LOVE BASKETS! I think it is the cutest way to store things like toys, magazines, or books. These vintage berry baskets are perfect for that pile of clutter you want hidden.

This magnetic chalkboard spice tray is SO CLEVER! You can use the chalkboard portion to jot down your grocery list, weekly menu, or to-do list! All while keeping your spices organized!

I love these creative chalkboard weekly calendar decals, don't you? You can write your schedule and to-do list for each day and erase it at the end of the week!

I hope this has inspired you to get yourself organized and find creative storage solutions! Now send me some happy house hunting vibes! I'm gonna need it!

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